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Introducing the Stainless Steel Spool, a premier component of the Evolved Extraction Solutions lineup, expertly designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of your cannabis extraction system. Measuring 12 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height, this spool is crafted to accommodate the needs of both burgeoning and established extraction operations, offering a blend of capacity and versatility that is unmatched in the industry.

Constructed from the highest quality 304 stainless steel, this spool stands out for its durability and resistance to the corrosive nature of various extraction solvents. Its robust build ensures longevity and maintains the purity of your extracts by preventing any contamination that could compromise the quality of your final product.

Featuring a 12-inch Tri-Clamp (TC) connection, this spool seamlessly integrates into any standard extraction setup, ensuring a leak-proof and secure connection. Its 10-inch height is strategically designed to optimize the extraction process, allowing for a significant volume of material to be processed efficiently, thus enhancing throughput without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the extract.

The Stainless Steel Spool is an essential tool for anyone in the cannabis extraction industry, from artisanal producers focusing on small, high-quality batches to large-scale operations aiming for maximum efficiency and productivity. Its compatibility with a wide range of extraction methods makes it a versatile addition to any setup, facilitating the production of a diverse array of cannabis products, including oils, concentrates, and more.

Upgrade your extraction setup with the Stainless Steel Spool from Evolved Extraction Solutions and experience a new level of efficiency, quality, and versatility. This spool is not just a component; it's an investment in the excellence and reliability of your extraction operation, ensuring that you can meet the demands of the market with confidence and success.