Standard Diamond Miner – 12in.


THCa Diamond Miner Product Description

Get your hands on the most seductive and powerful recrystallization machine on the market. Our Standard Diamond Miner offers unparalleled control over THC-A or CBD recrystallization and provides consistent, high-quality results every time. Utilizing our diamond mining technology and advanced temperature controls, you can now easily create perfectly formed crystalline structures with a simple, straightforward process. Plus, our 12" jacketed model fits any environment without taking up valuable counter space. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your cannabis concentrates with the Standard Diamond Miner!   According to Ed Rosenthal in his book Beyond Buds " is technically possible to recrystallize any cannabis concentrate that hasn’t been decarboxylated; as long as there are cannabinoid acids present, they can be used to create crystalline structures."