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Wingnut Clamp - KF16

Product Overview:

Experience ease and reliability with our Wingnut Clamp - KF16, specifically engineered for securing KF flanges in extraction systems. This clamp, crafted from sturdy materials, ensures a secure, vacuum-tight seal essential for efficient operations.


  1. Strong Build: Made with durable materials, it resists wear and tear, supporting long-term use.
  2. Quick Release: Features a wingnut mechanism for fast and effortless opening and closing, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  3. KF16 Compatibility: Designed to fit KF16 flanges, it guarantees a snug and secure connection, making it versatile for various setups.


  • Reliable Sealing: Provides a strong seal that preserves the integrity of your vacuum environment, critical for successful extractions.
  • User-Friendly: The wingnut design simplifies assembly and disassembly, saving valuable time and labor.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, it promises convenience and longevity.

Installation Guide:

  1. Place the clamp around the aligned KF16 flanges.
  2. Twist the wingnut to tighten and secure the flanges together.
  3. Check for secure fitment to ensure optimal performance.

Ideal for:

Our Wingnut Clamp - KF16 is perfect for extraction professionals seeking a blend of simplicity and efficiency. Suitable for everyday operations, it’s a fundamental component that keeps your system stable and secure.

Choose our Wingnut Clamp - KF16 for your extraction setups to ensure consistent, reliable results with every use. It’s the practical choice for maintaining high standards in your extraction processes.