Solventless Extraction Equipment and Systems

Experience the solventless advantage.

Hashtek: Ice water hash extraction equipment

Solventless extraction for top-quality cannabis end-products

Our mission is to bring solventless extraction equipment to the masses. With our made-in-Canada equipment, you can produce bubble hash, rosin, melt, vape pens and dry sift at scale.

Hashtek extraction equipment has a sanitary design, is CIP ready and GPP/EU-GMP/FDA/Health Canada compliant.

Try out Hashtek’s Hash & Rosin ROI Calculator.

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Trident: ice-water extraction system

Minimal cap-ex. Low production cost. Exceptional quality.


In a maturing cannabis market, biomass is plentiful. The capacity to transform biomass into high-value product at a low cost is a high-margin territory. Challenge accepted.

The consumer is king and their tastes are evolving.


The good news is you don’t need to break the bank to meet this consumer demand. High terpene and solventless extracts are a popular choice. Our team will help you scale production of both, using water hash extractions at scale, and combined with the latest refinement technologies that enable the production of a large variety of solventless and high-terpene products. Your results are guaranteed.

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