We’re really proud of our partnership with Adastra Labs, their Canadian retail brand Phyto Extractions, and their internal testing lab Chemia Analytics. Through developing and optimizing their cannabis extraction systems, we’ve in turn used their data to improve our processes moving forward.

In the video above, Adastra COO Donald Dinsmore had this to say about our partnership:

“We like to partner with other companies like evolved extractions that really bring unique technology into our space to allow us to scale. We conduct CO2 extraction, cryo-ethanol, and hydrocarbon extraction. That cryo system is very important to us because it allows us to produce large volumes of cannabis distillate at high potency.”

Our CEO Adam Temple had this to say:

“What we’re seeing is the producers are investing into making their processes more efficient. So the type of oil that’s going to be best for let’s say gummy bears may not be the best oil that would be for a vaporizer cart and dedicating a production line just to that one end product allows us to create the greatest efficiency and consistency in the end product.”

“We’ve got an amazing team at Evolved. The people that are really passionate about the industry and passionate about developing the future technology that we’re going to apply to scaling this industry up. And every one of our customers we consider a partner. It’s been an especially good partnership with Adastra considering they have Chemia Labs in-house. We’ve been able to collect data in the process alongside them and share results. And we share that desire to continuously improve the process. We’ve been able to really do that well together.”

If you’d like to discuss how we can work together to build out or optimize your extraction systems, contact us today.

“This equipment allows us a very consistent process flow… and cuts our number of steps by about six or seven different individual processes. It really creates what you would see in a production line of a food manufacturing process.”


– Donald Dinsmore, COO, Adastra

“What we’re doing is we’re taking multiple steps that require a lot of labour and we’re integrating them into one value stream.”


– Adam Temple, CEO, Evolved Extraction