The return of in-person tradeshows

The fall of 2021 saw the long-awaited return of in-person tradeshows and our team jumped at the chance to again connect face-to-face (plus masks) with all the great people in our industry. First, we headed south to MJBIZCON in Vegas in October. Then in late November, we set up a booth at LIFT in Toronto. Which was followed by the Grow Up Conference in Niagra Falls.

At Grow Up, our CEO Adam and Karson, our Ontario operations manager, joined in on panel discussions to share their knowledge, experience, and outlook on the industry. We also want to thank Lester and Andrew from Cannabis Wiki, who checked in with Adam and Karson on two big milestones for the Evolved team: The launch of the Genome Project, our new hydrocarbon extraction system, and our new showroom location in Ontario.

Check out the video below or read on for some highlights:

The Genome Project – Your end-to-end hydrocarbon extraction system

“The CAPEX with traditional extraction refinement processes is you’re doing an extraction, taking that extract, and you’re doing multiple stages of refinement to get it to your final product… If you can do it all in one process, you can eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of machinery.” – Adam, Evolved Extraction CEO

Our Genome Project combines hydrocarbon extraction and its forward-looking variety of extract outputs with a future-proof ability to easily scale up or down and modify processes. This includes handling processes from extraction through refinement, if needed now or added later.

Adam had this to say: “That’s what the genome system is designed to do. You can actually do extraction all the way through refinement and come out with a crystallized cannabinoid and liquid terpene extract all from one system. You start with fresh-frozen or cured cannabis. You do your extraction process. You recover that solvent. And then you can do a crystallization process in the same extraction machine and then separate those two compounds out.”

“So the two compounds of value primarily in the cannabis plant are terpenoids/flavonoids – everything that gives it its aromas and flavours – then you got the cannabinoids – everything that gives it the psychoactive or medicinal properties. Although both have aspects of psychoactive and medicinal properties. But all products essentially are made from those two basic compounds.”

Besides the range or final produces like shatter or budder, it can separate cannabinoids from terpenes for use separately or to reformulate them, all in one system.

“The critical piece right now is maximizing your terpene content in your cannabis extractions and minimizing the costs. Our genome system that we’re launching right now allows you to do both in one system. CAPEX is really a big factor – minimize that CAPEX down by not having to add a bunch of additional processes downstream of your extraction – just do it all on one system. You can lead and change the game and be the first movers.”

Adam Evolved Extraction with Cannabis WIki at Grow Up Conference Ontario

New Ontario showroom and how downtime kills your bottom line

“There’s a need to serve this industry better. That’s a large part of why we’re in Ontario, to take care of this client base and cut down five-day lead times and offer same-day delivery” – Karson, Ontario Operations Manager

Now with an Ontario showroom and warehouse, we can better serve our existing clients with any equipment, supplies, solvents, and other consumables on the East Coast. We can also connect better with future enterprise clients building or expanding their extraction capabilities with our showroom. Being our clients one-stop-shop to minimize downtime is a big part of how we help our clients. It’s those hours or days of downtime, such as waiting for a replacement part or for solvents, that eat away at profits.

Adam had this to say: “Downtime is what kills your bottom line – You got a big factory that’s producing cannabis products – One day’s worth of packaged products could be six figures, it could even be seven figures of products coming off a production line. So you have one day of downtime that’s a six-figure impact and we understand that’s just not acceptable so our business is set up to ensure that we can prevent our customers from having any downtime through service and all the items in stock when you need to fix a process, alter a process, or add something like a freeze-drying step.”

Adam also gave a great example of how providing both enterprise solutions and supplies can now benefit our clients on both sides of Canada and the States: “We have filling plants in Ontario and BC, we fill our own cylinders for the system, so we can control the whole end-to-end process and make sure we apply our QA standards that are required for the industry to ensure there’s no contamination through the filling process and the tanks, all the way through the actual equipment that’s processing the cannabis.”

If you’re in Ontario, Quebec, or anywhere on the East Coast or if you want to know more about our new hydrocarbon extraction system, we’d love to connect.