Bulletin Board

Connecting the Cannabis Community Through Networking and a Shared Vision of Success

About the Evolved Extraction Bulletin Board:

We are loyal to the pioneers to whom we owe the advent of our industry and the development of knowledge shared within the community that helped build it. Since its conception, Evolved Extraction Solutions has been the bridge between Legacy trailblazers and the commercially regulated space. We are fortunate that many of our supporters have been the voice of our brand as they merge with Enterprise Businesses, and we continue to be a voice to help bring industry professionals and artisans together.

The Evolved Bulletin Board is a place to post open positions within your organization, share an event that will bring like-minded individuals together, or highlight any other news that may help educate and inform extraction artisans, producers and industry professionals. By creating a community space where opportunities and relationships can be built, we hope to play a small role in making the connections that will continue to drive the future of Cannabis Extraction.

If you are interested in submitting a post for our Bulletin Board, contact: [email protected].


Are you looking for work? Have a job posting you’d like to share? Or have any questions, requests, or other submissions?