The dual jacketed stainless steel crystallization or isolation filter reactors are designed to create an ideal environment for a synthetic reaction of cannabis extracts using controlled temperature and vacuum. All Ai reactors feature adjustable stirring speeds and a constant pressure-feeding funnel that allows you to add material to the vessel at a uniform and controlled speed. The built-in condenser makes it possible to recover solvents. These SS crystallization reactor packages include everything you need to start operating out of the box.

Crystallization of CBD or THCa is a precipitation process in which CBD solids form in a solvent, usually pentane or heptane. To crystallize CBD, the distilled CBD oil must be dissolved in a solvent forming a supersaturated solution. This solute is then chilled, making the CBD or THCa precipitate out of the solution and crystalize.

Ai 316L Grade Stainless Steel Reactor Features

  • Dual jacketed. A sealed outer insulation jacket provides the best temperature performance inside the chamber
  • All wetted parts on main vessel and lid built with pharmaceutical grade 316L SST
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger with 70 tubes for the best condensing results
  • ElectroPolished internal chamber
    • Greatly reduces surface roughness by levelling micro-peaks and valleys
    • Improved vacuum pressures, out-gassing rates, and pumping speed
    • Prolong equipment lifespan by reducing friction and wear
    • Much better sterilized and semiconductor-grade surface
    • Essential for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Detachable condenser and collection tanks
  • Dual collection tanks with big sight glass allow you to drain without breaking the vacuum
  • High drain port clearance for easy draining or added filtration
  • Large ports (top 12" bottom 6") allows easy chamber cleaning
  • Top placed vacuum port on the condenser provides better flow and condensing results
  • No messy cable, with space-saving integrated stirring motor controller
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel frame with swivel casters
  • A built-in flashlight gives you a clear view inside the chamber
  • Positive/negative pressure gauge
  • Matte finish stainless steel
  • Customizable lid for various applications
  • Tons of tri-clamps adapters available, e.g. tri-clamp to hose barb/KF25/NPT
  • Choice of bolted or pin clamp for various pressure applications
  • Flexible bellow condenser connection reduces shipping damage
  • The electric motor and controller model is ETL certified to UL and CSA standards
  • Available Peer-Reviewed model (pneumatic motor and controller) is approved to be used with Acetone, Ethanol, Heptane, Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methanol, and Pentane.

SS 100L Crystallization Reactor Package includes:

  • (1) SR200 stainless steel reactor with an electric motor
  • (1) KF25 flexible vacuum bellow (2 metres)
  • (2) KF25 quick clamp and centring ring
  • (1)  KF25 to 1.5" Triclamp Adapter
  • (1) ULVAC 220V UDP-6 6 CFM 6 torr 2-head diaphragm pump and vacuum hose
  • (1) KF25 Accessories Package
    • (1) KF25 wing nut clamp
    • (1) KF25 centring ring
    • (1) KF25 vacuum bellow
  • (1)  HUBER Unistat 510 -50°C To 250°C With Pilot ONE
  • (1)  Huber expansion tank, adapters, tubing and fluid package:
    • (1) M60 (-60 to 115) 5L - Fluid
    • (3) M60 (-60 to 115) 10L - Fluid
    • (2) 90 degree M30 X 1.5 (male) to M30 X 1.5 (female)
    • (2) Hose MT-350-2-M30x1,5 (f)
    • (2) M30 X 1.5 (male) to 1" NPT (male)
  • (1) Ai C30 220V -30C/-22F 30L/min 40L volume chiller
  • (1) Ai UL/CSA 220V T40x -40C cold trap

Additional information

Weight 890 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 34 × 90 in


Model SR200
Electric stirring motor 220V, 50/60Hz, 1~Phase, 200 watts, 1/4 HP
Rotation: 450 rpm max. (±8%)
Starting torque: 3.0 N.m
Rated torque: 1.54 N.m
Built-in gearbox ratio: 3:1 to 180:1
Controller: Delta, UL listed
Pneumatic stirring motor – Power: 1/4 HP
– Rotation: 450 rpm max. (±8%)
– Compressed air pressure range: 30 to 80 psi (0.2 to 0.55 MPa)
– Working temperature: -10C to +70C
– For constant use: set rpm to 80% of maximum rpm
– Motor lubricant
Daphne Eponex EP-No. 1
Check/replenish/replace every 500 hours
– Air lubricant
Type: JIS K2213-1 (ISOVG32)
Recommended products: Shell Vitrea Oil 32, JOMO Turbine 32, COSMO Turbine 32
Speed: 2-3 drops per minute
– For safety purpose, detach compressed air supply when not in use, left un-attended or at night
– Do not run motor un-loaded
– Set Air Adjuster to minimum at initial run, make sure motor is working properly, before increasing CFM
– Before inspecting unit, stop the motor and detach air supply. Do NOT inspect unit when motor is in action.
– Make sure exhaust port/hole is clear from any debris or blockage
– Check every 2-3 days: Air Lubricant, Air Filter water drain
Port configuration Lid: 6″ triclamp
Center motor port: 3″ triclamp
Drain port: 6″ triclamp
Drain port on/off valve: 2″ triclamp
Vacuum port: 1.5″ triclamp
Condenser recirculating fluid port: 1/2″ female NPT
Vessel jacket recirculating fluid port: 1″ female NPT
Main vessel Volume: 200L
Material: 316L grade stainless steel
Interior finish: ElectroPolished
Agitator Structure: propeller, 3-blade, dual-layer (standard)
Style: quick-change
Material: 316L grade stainless steel
Detachable length: 28 inches
Center fluid jacket Volume: 35L
Material: 304 grade stainless steel
Outer insulation jacket Sealed
Material: 304 grade stainless steel
Collection tank 10L x 2
Material All wetted parts 316L grade stainless steel on main reactor body
Rest of reactor in 304 grade stainless steel
Main Condenser Style: shell and tube heat exchanger
Number of tubes: 70
Condensing area: 0.89 m2
Pressure Ultimate vacuum level: 1 Torr
Temperature range -55°C to +250°C (-67°F to +482°F)
Temperature sensor/display Regular: BOOST.TTA.0101, -200C to 480C, 50.5 clamp
Explosion proof: BOOST.TTA.0102, -200C to 480C, 50.5 clamp
Sealing gasket Food grade Viton
Main Mounting Frame Heavy duty 2 x 2″ 304 grade stainless steel, mounted on four casters
Drain port ground clearance Drain port: 19.5 inches
Drain valve: 14 inches
Shipping Weight (Unit) 570 Lbs / 890 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions 43 x 34 x 90″ (WxDxH)
Compliance ETL tested to UL and CSA standards
C1D1 peer review by PSI (optional)