BRAIDED HOSE – JIC – 1/2in. FJIC – 60in.


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Elevate the efficiency and safety of your cannabis extraction operations with the Braided Hose, featuring 1/2-inch Female JIC connections on both ends and a generous 60-inch length, expertly crafted by Evolved Extraction Solutions. This premium hose is designed for the secure and efficient transfer of liquids and gases, crucial for maintaining the integrity and quality of your extraction process.

Made from high-quality stainless steel with a braided exterior, this hose excels in durability, offering flexibility while withstanding high pressures and extreme temperatures associated with cannabis extraction. Its resistance to the corrosive nature of various solvents ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, making it an essential tool for any demanding extraction environment.

The 1/2-inch Female JIC fittings provide a robust, leak-proof seal, ideal for high-pressure applications, ensuring no fluid loss and maintaining the purity of your extracts. The 60-inch length offers extended reach and flexibility, facilitating a more organized and efficient setup by accommodating larger systems and more complex configurations.

This Braided Hose is an indispensable component for cannabis extraction facilities that value precision and reliability. It supports a variety of setup configurations, efficiently connecting key equipment and managing fluid transport around the workspace. Its design ensures that your operations are smooth and continuous, without interruptions.

Ideal for both small-scale artisanal operations and large-scale commercial extractors, the Braided Hose - JIC - 1/2in. FJIC - 60in. from Evolved Extraction Solutions enhances your operational capabilities by ensuring secure, consistent, and efficient fluid dynamics.

Add this premium Braided Hose to your cannabis extraction setup to benefit from its durability, extended length, and high-performance sealing capabilities. It is more than just a piece of equipment—it's a fundamental component that will elevate your extraction process, ensuring high-quality results and consistent operational excellence.