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Enhance the clarity and quality of your cannabis extracts with the Degumming Enzyme from Carbon Chemistry, offered in a 25g package by Evolved Extraction Solutions. This powerful enzyme is specifically formulated to break down gums and other impurities that can arise during the extraction of cannabis oils, improving the final product's purity and stability.

The Degumming Enzyme is an essential tool for any cannabis extraction process, particularly when working with plant materials that tend to produce viscous and gum-like substances. By integrating this enzyme into your workflow, you can effectively minimize these impurities, leading to a clearer, more refined oil that is easier to handle and formulate into various products.

With a 25g size, this product is perfect for small to medium batch operations or for research and development projects where precision and adaptability are crucial. This amount allows for detailed application testing and process optimization without the need for a large initial investment, making it accessible and cost-effective for businesses at various scales.

Easy to use and integrate into existing extraction protocols, the Degumming Enzyme can be added during the post-extraction cleanup phase, where it works by hydrolyzing the gums into non-viscous compounds that are easily removable by standard filtration techniques. This targeted action not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the oil but also its chemical stability, which is vital for storage and further processing.

The Carbon Chemistry Degumming Enzyme - 25g from Evolved Extraction Solutions is more than just an additive; it's a crucial step towards achieving a superior quality product. By ensuring the removal of gums and similar impurities, you not only enhance the product's marketability but also improve its usability in a wider range of applications, from edibles to topicals and concentrates.

Incorporate the Degumming Enzyme into your cannabis oil production to realize improved product clarity, stability, and quality. This small yet impactful addition to your process will help you achieve a competitive edge in the market by consistently producing high-quality, refined cannabis oils.