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Advance the precision and efficiency of your cannabis distillation and dehydration processes with Carbon Chemistry's Proof Up Beads - 3A, available in a 10kg package from Evolved Extraction Solutions. These specialized molecular sieve beads are engineered for high-performance moisture removal and alcohol proofing, critical for achieving the highest purity and quality in your final cannabis extracts.

Proof Up Beads - 3A feature a pore size of 3 angstroms, perfectly sized to selectively adsorb water molecules while allowing larger molecules to pass through. This property is particularly effective in applications where precise moisture control is essential, such as in the final stages of ethanol extraction or when adjusting the water content in alcoholic solutions.

The 10kg package is ideally suited for operations that require consistent and robust dehydration capabilities across extensive batches. This quantity allows for effective scaling of production processes, ensuring that dehydration and distillation are conducted efficiently and without frequent need for bead replacement, thereby maintaining continuous operation and productivity.

These beads are compatible with a variety of distillation setups and can be easily integrated into existing systems. Their high adsorption capacity for water makes them an indispensable tool for any cannabis extraction or distillation facility aiming to enhance the concentration and purity of their alcohol-based extracts.

Carbon Chemistry’s Proof Up Beads - 3A - 10kg are more than just an adsorbent; they are a critical component in your extraction and distillation processes, enhancing your ability to control the quality and consistency of your products. By incorporating these beads into your workflow, you ensure that your extracts meet stringent industry standards for purity and concentration, thereby improving the overall quality and marketability of your products.

Invest in Proof Up Beads - 3A to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your cannabis extraction and distillation operations. This strategic addition to your processes will help you achieve superior product quality, positioning your brand as a leader in the competitive cannabis market.

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