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Maximize your storage capabilities with the E-LAB Media Bottle - 2L, designed specifically for high-volume needs in the cannabis extraction industry. This robust and reliable media bottle offers ample space for solutions and chemicals, ensuring safe and effective storage in any laboratory setting.

Key Features:

  1. Large Volume: The 2-liter capacity is ideal for handling significant amounts of media.
  2. Durable Glass Construction: Made from chemically resistant glass to prevent contamination and withstand regular use.
  3. Airtight Seal: Equipped with a screw cap that provides a secure, leak-proof seal.


  • Efficiency: Store more media in less space, optimizing your lab's storage efficiency.
  • Clarity: The clear glass allows for easy monitoring of the bottle’s contents, reducing errors.
  • Safety: Ensures safe handling and storage of volatile or sensitive chemicals.

Usage Guide:

  1. Sterilize the bottle before use.
  2. Fill with your chosen media or chemical.
  3. Secure the cap to ensure airtight storage.

The E-LAB Media Bottle - 2L is an essential tool for any cannabis extraction lab requiring reliable large-scale storage solutions. Its design prioritizes safety and durability, making it a superb choice for labs looking to enhance efficiency and maintain the purity of their substances. Simplify your lab operations with this indispensable storage bottle.