EV-MASS Cold Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge

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The Most Durable Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge on the Market

The EV-MASS CS-30 cold ethanol extraction centrifuge is designed to help licensed cannabis processors maximize their yield and efficiency. Furthermore, our innovative ethanol extraction equipment seamlessly combines high performance with low maintenance, enabling you to swiftly and securely process your extracts.

Furthermore the CS-30 also boasts various advanced safety features, such as an integrated pressure relief valve, adjustable speed control, and automatic shutoff. These features work together to ensure maximum protection during processing. With its robust design and built-in safeguards, the CS-30 allows you to optimize your operation without compromising on quality or safety. Get ready for greater yields and faster cycle times with the reliable power of the EV-MASS CS-30 cold ethanol extraction centrifuge!

The cold ethanol extraction centrifuge can be used for:

Centrifuge cbd extraction
Centrifuge thc extraction

The CS-30 cold ethanol extraction centrifuge excels in both centrifuge CBD extraction and centrifuge THC extraction. It offers flexibility in your extraction process due to its multi-solvent compatibility.

All seals, gaskets, and components have a rating for cryo ethanol extraction, thereby reducing the number of processing steps required for winterization and filtration.


  • Unmatched reliability.
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada for top-notch quality and after-sale support.
  • Guaranteed performance results with our Evolved Performance Promise, ensuring that the achieved performance surpasses your expectations.
  • The CS-30 cold ethanol extraction centrifuge makes maintenance and cleaning easy, allowing you to focus on your core operations.
  • Full data logging.
  • Load and unload cannabis biomass easily with the CS-30's user-friendly design, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Multi-solvent compatibility: ethanol is standard. Pentane, hexane, and heptane compatibility upgrades are available.
  • Furthermore, we provide an industry-leading 24-month warranty and actively commit to delivering exceptional performance with our ethanol extraction equipment. Our primary goal is to ensure the protection of your investment.

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Electrical requirements 208VAC/15A/60Hz
Material 304 stainless steel
Working environment C1D1/C1D2 hazardous locations
Centrifuge Weight 800 lbs
Control Panel Weight 100lbs
Safety Emergency shut off, multiple user permissions
Centrifuge Dimensions 2.4’W x 3.3’L x 2.7’H
Control Panel Dimensions 1.4’W x 1.7’L x 4.6’H
Compliance cCSAus