EV-MASS Cold Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge


  • CAD: $ 119,995.95

The EV-MASS CS-30 cold ethanol extraction centrifuge is designed for cold ethanol extraction and is a true workhorse in your extraction process. The CS-30 cannabis extraction machine meets the growing demands of cannabis processors and is rated for -40 C/F temperatures. Its durable, user-friendly design accommodates your budget while processing skids can be added for consolidated process steps to accommodate large-scale throughput - All without sacrificing quality.

All seals, gaskets and components are rated for cryo ethanol extraction, reducing the number of processing steps required for winterization and filtration.


• Unmatched reliability

• Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada for top-notch quality and after-sale support

• Guaranteed performance results with our Evolved Performance Promise

• Easy maintenance & cleaning

• Full data logging

• Designed for easy loading & unloading of cannabis biomass

• Multi-solvent compatibility: ethanol is standard. Pentane, hexane, and heptane compatibility upgrades are available.

• Industry-leading 24-month warranty

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Electrical requirements 208VAC/15A/60Hz
Material 304 stainless steel
Working environment C1D1/C1D2 hazardous locations
Centrifuge Weight 800 lbs
Control Panel Weight 100lbs
Safety Emergency shut off, multiple user permissions
Centrifuge Dimensions 2.4’W x 3.3’L x 2.7’H
Control Panel Dimensions 1.4’W x 1.7’L x 4.6’H
Compliance cCSAus