SRD-30 Falling Film Evaporator Package

Discover Evolved's Ethanol Recovery System

The SRD30 falling film evaporator and decarboxylation reactor is an economical and versatile all-in-one solution for solvent recovery in the cannabis and hemp extraction space. Additionally, the falling film evaporator enables continuous rapid evaporation of extraction solvents, ensuring efficient and swift processing. Furthermore, the on-board heated reaction vessel has the capability to completely desolventize and decarboxylate the resulting concentrates.

We designed the SRD30 falling film evaporation system with simplicity and modularity in mind. Additionally, we offer a range of models from basic manual controls to full automation, ensuring that we can provide a solvent recovery and decarb solution for any budget or skill level. Moreover, the modularity of the SRD30 allows customers to upgrade and customize it as their business' needs change and grow.

The SRD-30 combines the evaporation power of Falling Film with the capabilities of a powerful reactor, all in one compact package.

SRD30 Falling Film Evaporator Add-ons:
  • Automatic Loading/ Unloading
  • Vacuum recovery
  • Diffusion condenser
  • Solvent Tank
  • Feed Tank
  • Overfill Prevention

Additional vessels can be added to expand capacity from 30 gal p/hour with in-line decarboxylation—one compact machine serving as your launching pad for unlimited flexibility and business performance.

Find more information about the SRD-30 Ethanol Recovery System by clicking the links below:
Click here to view our video on the SRD-30 falling film evaporator being fabricated in Canada



Dimensions 4′ W, 4′ L, 8′ T
Max Throughput (Ethanol) 30 GPH
Storage Capacity 80 L
Heated Surface Area 2 m
Temperature Range 20C to 160C
Max Pressure 15 PSI
Hazloc Classification Class 1 Div 2
Power Requirement 33.73 kW @ 480v 3 phase
Max Air Consumption 35 CFM @ 100PSI
Weight 900 LBS / 408 kgs
Heat Load (Interior) 1.5 kW
Heat Load (Exterior) 32 kW


Power Consumption
SRD 30 Phase/ V / HP / Kw / FLA
Thermal Fluid Heater 3 / 480 / – / 30 / 36
Circulation Pump (thermal fluid) 3 / 480 / 1.5 / 1.12 / 2.2
Radiator & Cooling
Circulation Pump (Water/Glycol) 3 / 480 / 1 / 0.75 / 0.9
Radiator Fan 3 / 480 / 3/4 0.93 / 1.4
Radiator Fan 3 / 480 / 3/4 / 0.93 / 1.4