EV-MASS – Pioneer Configuration

The only closed-loop Ethanol Extraction system with guaranteed performance & 24-month warranty.

Our entry-level EV-MASS Pioneer Configuration offers all the same reliability with a much lower price point. The Pioneer is a great option for processors with a limited start-up budget who want to begin processing sooner. This allows operators to dial in their SOPs with the ability to scale up capacity to meet future demand. This is a great option for clients looking to process up to 100 lbs+ of biomass per 8-hour shift initially, with plans to scale up production in the future. This is a popular configuration for emerging international markets or startups looking to begin processing to get products to market to capture market share.

Starting at: $198,000 USD

The EV-MASS Pioneer Configuration is also available with the CRC package upgrade and offers tertiary filtration and colour remediation to optimize process flow further, ensuring flawless golden oil extract at scale.