The EV-MASS FS-1-HE skid delivers an efficient primary filtration step to your process while allowing you to re-chill micella on the spot. This means consistent results during multi-wash applications as the extraction temperature is always performed at -40C. Multi-wash extraction is when the same batch of ethanol is used for multiple 30lb batches of biomass reducing power consumption and requiring less solvent recovery capacity - in turn saving you both time and money!
A: Single filtration housing to perform primary filtration at 10 microns, 5 microns or 1 micron. The design allows for effortless clean-ability and quick swapping of filters to maximize uptime and increase productivity.
B: Dedicated heat exchanger allows for direct rapid cooling or heating of the micella. This allows for multiple temperature control points to take place in parallel which optimizes your process flow.
C: Centralized pneumatic control bank ensures the operator can control all pneumatic pumps from one location.
D: The C1D1 compliant pneumatic diaphragm pump is effortless to clean, easy to maintain and simple to repair when required.
E: Tri-Clamp cross allows for custom configuration for unique SOPs and process flow.
F: Small 40" x 26" footprint on caster wheels means the FS-1 can easily be moved and packs a lot of filtration and chilling capacity in a small footprint.