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This heating bath is ideal for a wide range of heating applications, including general laboratory scale apparatus with a temperature coil, jacket or vessel.


About this Heated Circulator:

1. Heated temperature control circulator system can automatically
start, time-lapse, and turn off. It also has over-heat and over-current protection
2. Heated circulator can export the heat transfer fluid from the reservoir and heat or maintain the
temperature of the coil, jacket or vessel.
3. Timer switch can be set from 0-100 hours.
4. Multi-color LED display readout accuracy is ± 0.1°C, and the stability is ± 0.1°C.
5. Microprocessor-controlled-lock function can lock all parameters.
6. Easy-to-use touchscreen.


Operation Process :

Add your liquid media to the laboratory heating bath, with the liquid level no more than 30mm lower than the bath edge.
1. Selection of liquid media
A) When the desired temperature is between5℃ - 80℃, normally liquid media shall be pure
B) When the desired temperature is between 80℃ - 90℃, normally liquid media shall
be 15% glycerin water solvent.
2. Connection of cycling pump:
For the connection of the internal cycling pump, the user only needs to
connect the liquid outlet tube to the liquid inlet tube with a hose which is sold separately.
3 Turn on the power (on the back control panel)
4. Instrument shall be operated as follows:

Circulating details

  • Fill liquid media into reservoir bath no more than 30mm to bath edge
  • Set to your desired temperature
  • When the temperature is at desired temperature turn on the circulation pump
  • Start your process and begin heating your coil, jacket or vessel to your preset desired temperature
  • When finishing your processes turn off the heater and the circulating pump.
  • Open the drain valve and drain the liquid media as needed with an easy drain valve


Model Temperature Range V/AC Capacity (L) Accuracy °C Pump Flow (L/min) Drain Inner Bath Size Bath Opening Size
SC-30 Abient + 5° – 100° 220V/50Hz 30 ±0.1 0-20 yes 400mm*330mm*230mm 310mm*280mm