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The Julabo CORIO CP-1000F is available in 110V, 60Hz and 220V, 60Hz at the same price. If adding this item to your cart, please specify which power option you require.

JULABO refrigerated Circulators from the CORIO CP range are suitable for applications with a temperature range up to +200C. The enhanced pump performance ensures they are suitable for easy temperature control tasks in combination with external applications.

CP-1000F Features:

  • Models for internal and external applications
  • Bright, white, easy-to-read display
  • Very quiet
  • Easy change-over from internal to external circulation and vice versa
  • External pump connections (M16x1)
  • USB connection
  • R232 interface
  • Space-saving cooling coil design yields more usable space in the bath tank
  • Bath lid and drain tap included
  • Removable ventilation grid
  • Refrigeration unit without side vents
  • System for low liquid level
  • Class III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1



Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 22 × 32 in


(W × L × H)
16.5 x 19.3 x 29.1 in.
Filling volume 5 … 7.5 l
Weight 113.5 lbs
Pump connections M16x1 male
Barbed fittings inner diameter 8/12 mm
Working temperature range -50 … +200 °C
Temperature stability ±0.03 °C
Temperature display resolution 0.01 … 0.1 °C
Ambient temperature 5 to 40C
Refrigerant R449A
Global Warming Potential 1397
Filling weight 190 g
Carbon dioxide equivalent 0.265 t
Pump capacity flow rate 8 … 27 l/min
Pump capacity flow pressure 1.5 … 10.2 psi
Viscosity max. 50 cSt
Power 16 A
Bath tank Stainless steel
Bath cover integrated
Usable bath opening
(W x L / D)
7.1 x 5.1 / 5.9 in.
Cooling of compressor 1-stage Air
according to DIN12876-1
Classification III (FL)
IP Code
according to IEC 60529
IP 21
Pump function Pressure Pump
Pump type Immersion Pump
Interfaces RS232 / USB
Temperature control PID1
Absolute temperature calibration 3 Point Calibration
Temperature display LED
Temperature setting Keypad
Electronic Timer
0 … 999
Included in Delivery 2 Barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 12 mm ID. (Pump connections M16x1 male)