How to dry fresh frozen bubble hash?

This cost-effective hash drier is a Porcelain Buchner funnel designed to pre-dry water hash (bubble hash) extract before putting it into your freeze drier. This is to optimize your water hash processing efficiency by decreasing the time needed in the freeze drier and allowing you to add more extract to each Freeze Drier batch. If you do not yet have a Freeze Drier, once most of the water has been removed from the bubble hash, it will be the consistency of damp sand and can be finished in a humidity-controlled area.

What's  included:

  • (1) Porcelain 250mm Buchner Funnel
  • (1) 5L Filter Flask w/ (2) GL-18 ports
  • (1) 2' of 10mm silicone tubing
  • (1) Rubber sealing adapter
  • (1) GL-18 Cap
  • (1) GL-18 adapter to hose barb

Recommended Welch 2019 Diaphragm pump sold separately.

Recommend to be used with our Small Cup-Shaped Filters (25 micron) sold separately

Key Features:

  • The funnel is made thick porcelain
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • 250mm diameter surface to pre-dry water hash